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Company Introduction

Belle Laser Beijing Technologies Co,.Ltd focuses on diode laser medical and beauty equipment, integrating R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, Services and OEM solutions as a whole. With more than 8 years experience of laser diode packaging and diode pumped solid-state(DPSS). Belle Laser is now able to provide reliable solutions for local and worldwide users.

Our core product, the "Gold Standard" 808nm diode laser hair removal machine, permanent hair reduction of pigmented hair on all skin types, including tanned skin, pain-free and hair-free, safety and comfort, effectivity, uses sapphire contact cooling system. The laser power from 360W, 600W to 720W etc. Our medical and aesthetic laser machine cover Diode Laser Hair Removal, Laser Lipolysis, Laser Therapy, EVLT&Vascular Surgery, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening.

We have class 10K clean room and class 100 local clean zone(according to Federal Standard 209E). Insisting the concept of specialization, adopting the latest advanced technology with international standards.

We Know Laser Diodes Better
We are professional laser diode manufacturer with 8 years experience.
We work on high power laser diode chips and laser diode stacks only.
We have more experience on micro-channel laser stacks maintenance.

We Deliver Qualified Technical Parameters
We deliver full pulse energy as requested, even up﹥120J/cm2 is possible.
We always focus on the improvement for skin cooling. Now we can reach -5℃~+5℃ for skin cooling.
We never stop the technical improvements on diode chips, structure designs, electronics and software.

We Provide OEM&ODM Solutions From Laser Diodes To Full System
We provide laser sources from laser diode chips, laser stacks to handle piece.
We provide electronic parts from laser diode drivers, control board to LCD software.
We provide standard OEM systems and also custom products.

Beijing China Manufacture Center:
No.37 Fuwaidajie Street, Xicheng District, Beijing China 100037
Tel: 86-10-88358065
Email: sales@bellelaser.com

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